‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ Trailer Is Out..! |

‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ Trailer Is Out..!

The second trailer of Spider-man Homecoming is out and is probably giving away more than it should in a trailer.

And Tony Stark aka Rovert Downey Jr in a rare feat might be acting like an adult in this film. So those of you who thought he was a buzzkill in Captain America: Civil War, may not appreciate responsible stark in this one either. 

An example of this is when he confiscates Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland’s Spidey-suit. Spider-man: Homecoming appears to be treading down a different path as it explores how a young kid handles that much power (read: irresponsibly).

rest of the trailer, in great detail, tells you all about the bad guy and just
how far Peter Parker goes in order to prove himself as an 

Spider-man releases
on 7 July 2017.

 Checkout The Trailer Here:

Fans around the world have eagerly been awaiting our first glimpse at the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming ever since filming began. Some lucky fans in attendance at SDCC were treated to footage, but for the majority of fans, we have yet to see anything outside of the leaked set photos and videos.

Speculation that we would get a teaser before Marvel’s Doctor Strange ran feverishly, but that has since been debunked, as Marvel decided to give us our first sneak peek at Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 before the upcoming film. This obviously makes sense, since  Guardians is coming 2 months earlier, and will be kicking off the summer movie season on May 5th. It’s Marvel’s, next big film, and the marketing needed to kick off soon to hype up their next movie.

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