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Some Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid Eating In Summer

Your work doesn’t end after making a checklist of dishes that must be prepared in summer. There are many unhealthy foods that should not be consumed especially in summer. As more heat is generated in the body during summer, you must refrain yourself from heavy meals. Summer is a perfect season for weight loss. You need to eat healthy and light meals instead of stuffing yourself with fattening foods in this season. 

Here I am easing your task by listing all those unhealthy foods that should not be eaten in summer.

Fried Snacks

You should refrain yourself from eating deep fried snacks such as pakora, samosa, chole bhature, etc in summer. The presence of a large amount of trans fat in fried snacks increase bad cholesterol level in the body. Moreover, these snacks make you feel badly stuffed in summer.

Spicy Dishes

Avoid eating spicy meals in summer as they excessively heat up your body. Instead, prepare your meals using minimum spices.

Non-Vegetarian Meals

Summer is not the right time to eat spicy curries and tandoori food items. Refrain yourself from eating meat, chicken, fish and seafood prepared in rich gravy. Non-veg items generate a lot of heat in your body that in turn cause excess perspiration and digestive problems.

Excess Tea/ Coffee

One of the major ingredients of these beloved beverages is caffeine. Excess consumption of tea and coffee during summer can dehydrate your body.


Excess consumption of sauces cause bloating and sluggishness. You need to replace sauces with healthy chutneys or preferably curd during summer.


Alcohol and heat make a dangerous combination. Heat further heightens the adverse effects of alcohol such as lack of balance and coordination in summer. Alcohol not only causes dehydration but also disrupt the temperature regulation of the body.


Soda consists of excess sugar, phosphoric acid, benzene, sodium benzoate and artificial food colors. Excess consumption of soda causes several side effects including brain tumor, diabetes, emotional disorders, etc.

Fruit Lemonade

Fruit lemonade is a mixture of sugar, lemon juice, artificial flavor, fruit pulp and water. The combination of of packaged fruit juice with lemon juice act like soda that not only increases your weight but might also lead to illnesses. However, fruit lemonade is fine if it is prepared using fresh lemon juice without artificial flavors.

Junk Food

Summer is definitely not the right time to consume junk food in excess. Refrain yourself from eating burgers, pizza, french fries, meat, patties, etc in summer.


Digesting chapati in summer is difficult. Moreover, it generates a lot of heat in the body. It is fine to eat chapatis during lunch in summer but avoid eating chapatis at night.Many rice dishes can be cooked for dinner.

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