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Some Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor

Smelly shoes and feet are so embarrasing since these would make it difficult for you to concentrate sometimes.But of course, your shoes would not become stinky if the feet were not smelly. A lot of people face this problem every single day; some choose to ignore it while others have failed even after several attempts to eliminate the smell.

So here are a few shoe hacks which should come in handy to have a smell-free routine.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a good deodorizer not just for your shoes but also for your feet. But take care of not outing it for more than one night.

Black Teabags

Black tea bags are good to get rid of the bacteria that resides inside your shoes. It is because of the presence of tannins which is very helpful in killing the bacteria. For this, you first have to place the tea bags in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Allow them to cool for about 5 minutes before putting them inside the shoe for an hour.

Kitty Litter

Who would have nown that kitty litter would be so useful for us. Since cat litter is infused with deodorizer, it can assist you in removing the smell from your shoes. Leaving your shoes with kitty litter overnight would work well.

Dryer Sheets

In case you know you would be wearing your shoes for a long period, you can make use of dryer sheets. The sheets can be placed on the shoes before you wear them. You can throw them after use.

Powder Your Feet

Like its default purpose, baby powder can help in removing the smell from your shoes as well. Sprinkle powder on your feet before wearing shoes and do it again before your feet starts to get sweaty.

Freeze Your Shoes

Put your shoes in a ziplock bag to protect it from the extreme temperature of the freezer. Leave the shoe inside the freezer for a night and this would kill the bacteria.


We know that alcohol and bacteria do not mix and it is quite apparent that bacteria cannot survive in alcohol the most. Also, it can act as a disinfectant removing dirt at the same time.


Nothing else can help prevent the smell of shoes better than wearing socks. There may be times when you wish not to wear socks but this cannot help you get rid of odor.

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