Raveena Tandon Breaks Down In Her Upcoming ‘Maatr’ |

Raveena Tandon Breaks Down In Her Upcoming ‘Maatr’

In her upcoming film Maatr, Raveena Tandon takes on the subject of rape with a brutal force. The movie lays open some ugly truths about the way the judicial system fails a rape survivor.

The experience of working in the film left Raveena so shaken that she even had a tough time dubbing for her lines. Says the actress, “Some portions of the film are so streak real and brutal. I had a tough time watching myself on screen. I couldn’t immediately dub my lines while watching what we had shot. It’s so real and disturbing. I had to stop, gather my strength and return.”

Raveena has earlier worked in a film on martial rape too.

She even won a National Award for her role in Kalpana Lajmi’s Daman.

Says Raveena emotionally,”This is a topic I feel very strongly about. I have three daughters (two of them are adopted) and I am worried about their safety. And why just daughters are sons safe anymore? Is anyone safe any longer.”

“Boys are boys, they make mistakes. We should stop our women from wearing jeans.” Neither it is Women’s Day today nor are we initiating a debate on how women should carry themselves to avoid being harassed or molested, this is what the opening lines of Raveena Tandon’s film Maatr’s teaser say. After releasing its poster on Thursday evening, the makers of Maatr released a 46-second teaser of the film and from the very first second, the teaser compels you to watch till the end.

The teaser begins with the question “Justice or Justify?” and is followed by a series of words like power, money, control, politics, discrimination, inequality, lawlessness, assault, harassment with ‘Injustice’ written in bold being the last one. The words appear with a such an intense background score that you will be left with a chill down your spine.

In the end, Raveena Tandon comes with a strong message which says, “When justice is denied, it’s time to rise.” In a recent statement, Raveena did confirm that her film deals with a strong message about zero tolerance towards any form of violence against women and is not necessarily about the struggle of a mother.

Checkout The Teaser:

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