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Here’s How Hair Ties Are Ruining Your Hair

On a hot sunny morning the black rubber tied around your newspaper becomes your saviour. Doing domestic chores with open hair is worst and we often end up using harsh and tight hair ties to remove our beautiful tresses from our face. It is at times like these that the most highlighted part of our body becomes the least cared about. Here are a few ways in which hair ties may be ruining our hair:

Wet Hair

If you tie your hair after washing them, it can lead to hair damage. This can also lead to dandruff, itchy scalp and weakens your hair strands.

One Strand At A Time

If you regularly tie in your hair, without letting them lose for a while, your hair will be exposed to extreme damage and thinning.

Tight Ponytails

when you pull your hair too tight, it ends up putting extreme pressure on your hairline. This can lead to damaged hair follicles, which may fall out. It can also lead to frequent headaches.

Hair Roots

Tying your hair while you sleep harms your hair as you end up tossing around in bed. This puts pressure on hair roots and hair shaft.

Harsh Elastic Bands

Using harsh elastic rubber bands on your hair in the same place every time will damage the hair follicles of that particular patch and causes baldness.

Following are the ways in which you can keep your hair back along with taking care of them.

Braid your hair – changing your hairstyle will help you in locking your tresses without damaging them.

Hair scarves – not only do they look pretty, they also tie your hair without the additional trouble of giving you a headache.

Hair pins – pin your hair in a way that it does not end up hurting the hair follicle.

Hair elastics – get to the kids section and buy yourself a pack of hair elastics. Available in different colors, these are soft and won’t damage your hair.

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