Did You Know The Reason Behind The Celebration Of Gudi Padwa |

Did You Know The Reason Behind The Celebration Of Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa is the festival that augments the new year and is usually celebrated on the first day of the indian month of Chaitra according to the lunar calender. Most of the Indian festivals have a very special and intriguing history and it is interesting to see the manner in which they are celebrated. 

This Maharashtrian festival is also no exception and provides you with many tales and stories related to it. Also called Ugadi in the Indian state of Karnataka, this is a festival, which is filled with a certain charm and vibrance that is visually delightful.

Let us see some of the interesting stories that show the customs and traditions of Gudi Padwa. This is a celebration of the victory march of Shivaji Maharaja the veteran Maratha leader. The festival is celebrated in honour of this great king who had a kingdom that spread across the entire part of western India. This is the reason people worship the gudi which is a cloth which flies like a flag that is usually a sign of victory in an army.

Gudi Padwa is also considered as the
harvest festival, which shows that the Rabi crop has ended for the season. This
is the time when mangoes and fruits are reaped. Gudi Padwa is the
time when you find the delicious ripe mangoes in the market.

Again, there is another reason why this
festival is celebrated. It is believed that this is the day when the universe
was created. It is believed by all Hindus that this is the day Lord Brahma
created the world. It is thus dedicated to the innumerable Gods we have in the
country. Legend has it that Lord Vishnu took the Matsya incarnation or the form
of fish on this day. This was an incarnation to save the entire earth from
destruction or pralaya.

Today with the augment of cheer and
joy, Gudi Padwa is a celebration that is much awaited for and this is
a time when people pray for the well being of the people. It is believed that
good wins over evil and is an auspicious day for all.

Let us all pray for better world free of all sufferings, disorder, and anomalies in the society this Gudi Padwa on March 28. 

Wish you all a very happy Gudi Padwa and Chaitra Navratri..!

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