6 Breakfast Mistakes That Might Be Making You Fat |

6 Breakfast Mistakes That Might Be Making You Fat

Are you eating during breakfast or is your diet jeopardising your weight loss goals? These are the common breakfast mistakes you must avoid.

How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of your day? While you might be aware that skipping breakfast could lead to weight gain, small mistakes you make every morning while preparing your breakfast could also prove to be counter productive for your weight loss regimen. If you’re trying to lose weight within a certain time span, avoid these seven breakfast mistakes.

You Have Flavored Yogurt

One of the latest weight loss fads in India are a wide range of expensive, imported yogurt brands that are now available in most local grocery stores. You might have read about the various health benefits of yogurt but flavored yogurt tastes so good because of its high sugar content. Don’t fall for any of its weight loss claims. Instead, make fruit and yogurt muesli or banana yogurt custard at home if you want to avoid consuming too many calories.

You Drink Too Much Fruit Juice

Another popular breakfast item that most people think is healthy is different kinds of fruit juices. Packaged fruit juices contain sugar, citric acid and other chemicals to make it last longer. Don’t fall for claims like ‘All natural’ or ‘Sugar free’. These are the number of calories in your fruit juices. It would be a far better idea to have whole fruits instead of fruit juice.

You Have Deep Fried Indian Breakfast Items

One of the most popular breakfast dishes in India include medu vadas (2 pieces are 325 calories), sabudana vada (4 pieces are 160 calories) , vada pav (300 calories), misal pav (298 calories) , fafdas (a small cup is around 87 calories) and puri bhaji (350 calories). The main problem with all of them is that they are deep fried. Even with misal pav, too much oil is added for more spice and flavour.  Other than the fact that they are extremely high on calories, eating such heavy food items as your first meal will leave you feeling bloated and sluggish throughout the day.

Instead of medu vada or sabudana vada, switch to idlis or a simple plate of sabudana khichdi. Avoid puris as they are deep fried and have chappatis in place of them. Look for healthier options to avoid weight gain.

Energy bars have become fairly popular in India and boast of ingredients like muesli, flaxseeds and other ‘healthy’ food items for those on weight loss programs. However, these energy bars also have very high sugar content. Make sure to read the ingredients carefully before investing in them and don’t buy them in bulk. Instead, avoid wasting your money on these expensive energy bars as far as possible. 

You Love Waffles & Pancakes

Who doesn’t love a plate of hot waffles or pancakes with a generous drizzle of sugary syrup or chocolate? Though these breakfast items are delicious and tempting, they are made of maida or refined flour with makes it difficult to digest. Not to mention they are high-calories dishes and contain a lot of sugar. Instead, lose more weight with this recipe for low-calorie pancakes. On your cheat day, you can use this healthy recipe for banana pancakes with chocolate sauce that has whole wheat instead of maida.

You Eat A Light Breakfast

While you’re desperately trying to lose weight, you have been drastically cutting down your calories consumption. If you’re only eating one boiled egg or just a cup of coffee for breakfast, you will only suffer from intense hunger pangs throughout the day. Have a heavy breakfast so you feel full throughout the day. This will help you snack less and achieve your weight loss goals within a few months.  Don’t hesitate to add a few almonds, walnuts and also good carbs to your breakfast.

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