Time To Raise Some Brows With Handy, Easily Doable Grooming Tips From Make-Up Experts |

Time To Raise Some Brows With Handy, Easily Doable Grooming Tips From Make-Up Experts

Grooming your eyebrows is somewhat like a short-term investment plan. You invest a bit and the returns are huge. Ignoring it leads to unruly chaos, and investing in correct products and deploying them well can raise your chic quotient.

Beef The Brows Up

Sparse brows post overzealous tweezing creates gaps that need some serious filling. “Draw out your brows with a matte eyebrow powder as it blends into the backdrop easily. Pick a shade that is close to your natural brow color,” says makeup artist Clint Fernandes. For Indian women, a grey-brown powder works well. Or use a matte eye shadow. “Brush off the excess powder and use a clean mascara wand,” he adds.

Clear Mascara- Tamed Brows

Multi-tasking products are always an asset. A clear mascara, for instance, defines your eyelashes and also helps set your brows. Slick it on with brow color underneath. Use just a tiny amount or your brows will look crunchier than French Fries. Other brow accessories that can be in your arsenal for bushy growth are brow conditioners-they soften pokey hair. For a strong brow game, brow waxes and eyebrow gels are good buys.

Permanent Solutions

If you suffer from hairloss in the brow area because of a medical reason, tattoos work well. According to Fernandes, “People who have scars can opt for tattoos; it is safe and looks real.” Holistic beauty expert Suparna Trikha advises not to wet the brows for a week after the tattoo. It’d need a touch-up once in 3 to 4 years.

Brow Basics

A Home Brow-grooming Kit Must Have:

Tweezers, eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencil, clear mascara and a brow comb. Buy eyebrow powders for covering brow gaps.If no gel is available, set your brows using Vaseline or aloe vera gel.

Castor Oil For Fast Growth

Use a bit of castor oil on eyebrow hair before going to sleep. Castor oil promotes hair growth and can be used on both eyebrows and eyelashes. Avoid using it at daytime because castor oil is thick and it can look messy.

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