Should You Avoid Eating Eggs During Summer? |

Should You Avoid Eating Eggs During Summer?

Ever been told to not eat eggs during summer? Here’s an expert’s opinion on whether you should or should not eat eggs during summer!

Summer is here, and you must have a list of foods that you must and must not eat during summer at your disposal. One very common advice is to avoid eating eggs in summer. It is believed that eggs are hot in nature and may do more harm than good. Eggs have many health benefits and are excellent source of protein and are rich in vitamin A, D and other nutrients. So are they really not good for your health during the summer?

Dr. Neha Sanwalka, dietician, says it is a misconception. Yes, eggs are hot in nature but they are also a complete food. It is rich in different vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron and phosphorus. It is commonly believed that eating eggs during summer can increase your risk of suffering indigestion, but that’s not true either. Eggs actually can help in maintaining the fluid balance in the body which is essential during summer. Eggs also keep your energy levels high and can prevent fatigue and weakness which is very common in summer.

How Many Eggs Should You Eat In A DAY?

Dr. Sanwalka says that eating one to two eggs in a day during summer is completely fine, but one should not eat more than that. Although bodybuilders or people who are trying to build muscles tend to eat four to six eggs a day and they should reduce the consumption to two to three eggs a day during summer. Since eggs do tend to produce heat, eating too many of them can lead to discomfort and there’s possibility that you might suffer from a stomach upset.

Is Eating Boiled Eggs Better Than Eating An Omelette Or In Any Other Form?

Dr. Sanwalka says that one can eat eggs in any form during the summer, and no form is better than the other. Boiled eggs could be a little more healthy over fried eggs that too only because they are boiled and not fried.

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