Gwyneth Paltrow’s Cafe Will Have A Room Dedicated To Selfies |

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Cafe Will Have A Room Dedicated To Selfies

Gwyneth Paltrow is expanding her empire and making it easier for the world to follow her food lead. The actress-turned-food-writer and healthy-lifestyle advocate is opening an organic cafe in New York, the next iteration in an endeavor that began in 2015 as a summer-in-the-Hamptons pop-up health food purveyor.

Set to open in March adjacent to Paltrow’s pal and celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson’s new private fitness studio-where membership the $1,500 initiation fee-the new eatery, 3 Green Hearts, will offer coffee, juices, smoothies and healthy prepared meals. (The third member of the green-heart trio is Tracy Anderson CEO Maria Baum).

And while fitness club members will get a discount on food (which they will either really need after shelling out that kind of dough to work out or, more likely, not need at all). The cafe is open to the public at large. There will also be a meal-delivery service offering, according to a press release, “healthy, fresh and organic” foods “with weight loss and weight management plans available.”

Why Is That Not Surprising?

Also not surprising: the snarkiness with which the media has received news of this latest Paltrow project.

“Finally, a restaurant for people who want celebrity-curated health food served adjacent to a private $900-a-month fitness studio,” faux-gushed local news source New York.

Later, meanwhile characterized the cafe’s fare as “militantly healthy.” However, the site declined to note, as it did in a previous post about Paltrow’s “joyless new health food line,” that 3 Green Hearts gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free and egg-free cookies are essentially made of air and the tears of disappointed children.”

Healthy types
have had a taste of a smaller version of the cafe at Church Street, where the
space does not have a kitchen and the menu is comprised
of “pistachios, pumpkin seeds, organic bananas and protein
bars,” Eater

The new workout studio will
also house a “theatre room” to take before and after workout selfies
and show everyone on their social media feed that they can afford a
$900-a-month workout regiment.

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