Say Hola…! To New Holographic Nails Is the New Summer Nail Trend |

Say Hola…! To New Holographic Nails Is the New Summer Nail Trend

It has steadily gained popularity via select salons that provide this service.

Holographic nails began trending somewhere in mid 2016. Instagram and Pinterest were flooded with images and videos of the almost magical, spectacular powder that with the help of a make-up sponge, transformed varnished nails into chrome, mirror and holograph veneers. Bright, shiny and even reflective.

Holographic nails are the newest trend taking over the beauty scene…

If you’re looking to revamp your style with a summer nail trend, you could spend the next three hours painting a 100-layer polish mountain on your nails. Or if you’re not really down to disfigure your fingers with globs of polish, you can try the latest trend taking social media by storm. That’s right, we just found a new futuristic manicure fad that’s sure to take your nails to the next level.

Over the months, this trend evolved and products were available in different textures, powders and even hues resulting in whacky, whimsical and wow nails! This sheen finally hit India last September.

Holographic nails just as chrome use the same principle and product as well as process, namely Gel. Gel once cured in the UV light allows for the powder to take effect and become either holographic or chrome. Not only does gel polish act as a foundation/ strengthener for the nails but also avoids any chipping of the nail varnish. In fact, it can last from three to six weeks depending on the customer. The holographic effect can be created on several base colors like pink or blue depending on your preference.

Thus, causing the holographic effect to have hues and undertones of the selected base color. It is now also available in the nail varnish form. However, prefer to use the powder process as it lasts longer.

Checkout The Holochrome Video Tutorial:

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