Forget These Myths: Here’s What You Stop Believing Now |

Forget These Myths: Here’s What You Stop Believing Now

There are many myths that surround women who workout. Forget everything you think you know and read on to get your fitness facts straight. There are tons of opinions about the best way to get in shape. 

The advice that resonates with you is the best to heed. If you haven’t found the right path to improve your fitness, here are a few things you may need to read:

Myth: Lifting Weights Bulks You Up

Fact: Not really, it can actually help you slim down. According to a study published in Sports & Exercise, women who lift a challenging weight for eight reps burn nearly twice as many calories as women who do 15 reps with lighter dumbbells. Unless you go on a high-protein diet or take steroids, it’s not possible to bulk up quickly. The idea is to focus on quality reps, not more reps.

Myth: Thin Women Don’t Need To Work Out

Fact: It’s a common misconception that thin women needn’t work out because they don’t need to lose weight. The truth is everyone needs to workout-thin or fat-to get basic strength and flexibility. In fact, weight loss is not the goal of working out, fitness is.

Myth: Stopping Training Makes Me Gain Weight

Fact: Many people stop training but don’t modify their diet to their current calorie needs. When you are training you tend to eat more as your body demands the nutrition. So, if you cut back on the exercise rethink your diet too.

Myth: Pilates Is For Women

Fact: Not really, Pilates is developed by Joseph Pilates, a man for everyone. Recently Sylvester Stallone tried it and called it brutal. On his Instagram video, the star said: “For anyone who’s never tried pilates- the name sounds cute, but it ain’t cute.” Exercising doesn’t have a gender, it’s a choice.

Myth: Don’t Exercise During Your Periods

Fact: Some women benefit from exercising during their monthly cycle- it helps them with cramps and mood swings. Others like to pass it, lying down on their bed. Whatever your menstruation mojo, fitness expert advice you to listen to your body.

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