Growing Up Is Tough, And It’s About Time We Speak About This |

Growing Up Is Tough, And It’s About Time We Speak About This

Ever since we were kids, we were taught to fix our issues before we moved on to another problem. There was so much importance given to something that didn’t deserve our attention. Children weren’t sent to swimming lessons because it would tan them, kids as young as 10 years old would be subject to fairness cream’s obnoxious claims.


Your lines were supposed to be drawn straight and if you didn’t know how to draw the perfect circle, you’d be asked to do it until you perfect it.

I wish someone told me that it’s okay to accept my flaws. I wish every individual was made to believe that their identity is always above and beyond everything else in this world. And I really don’t blame my upbringing. Our parents and the people around us weren’t half as evolved as we are today. That was a time when beauty creams ruled the market and our world. But now, I see so many people raise their concern against it, and that’s a development.

It’s funny that I have vivid memories of being rejected most of the times I volunteered to do something in school. I remember talented students in my school being sent to the last row of a dance performance because, well, they needed some good faces in the front. This practice was so disturbing, a lot of the girls in our school (including me), never had the guts to audition because we feared being rejected. I wish they’d have been kinder to us. And that’s why I say growing up isn’t easy.

Because everybody told us how our body is going to go through changes, but nobody told us that it’s okay. It’s okay if my face is going to be filled with pimples in my initial days of hitting puberty, it’s just a part of growing up.
There’s always a solution for it. I hope someone tells their child it’s fine to roam around wearing whatever that they wish to and worry about they’re going to slay their day and not spend it worrying about who’s looking at them.

A lot of people grow up with low self-esteem. There are women and men who find ways to hide their so-called flaws. There are people who wish they could have been different as a person if only someone would’ve told them how normal they are.

But why now, you ask? Well, treat it like a reminder. It’s a reminder for us every morning that our self-worth is more than that of somebody else’s opinion. It’s okay to not look like a woman who has come out from a magazine cover. It’s okay to look like someone who has never held a makeup brush. It’s okay to have a pimple on your face and not spend days worrying about it.

Instead, let’s judge each other based on what goodness we hold within us? How about helping someone who needs to be told how beautiful they are? Let’s not believe everything the world tells us and let’s only believe in the purpose we were meant to fulfil.

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