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7 Contact Lens Mistakes That You Must Strictly Avoid

There are many people out there who wear contact lens. I don’t know about you, but if you wear them too, then I doubt that you might be making certain mistakes. Well, if your friends use contact lens then you need to put forward this article to help them too. 

Firstly, let me tell you that using contact lens might seem easy, but other things related to it might take an effort so if you are a contact lens wearer, and if you notice red eyes sometimes, then do not ignore it. There are many who think that “it happens”, but listen, “it shouldn’t happen.”

Contact lenses might make you look attractive, but there are certain things that you must pay attention to. I have listed here 7 contact lens mistakes, so understand and try to avoid them as quickly as possible.

Holding Lenses With Unclean Hands

There are many people who are always in hurry, so they tend to hold the lenses with unclean hands. Now, understand that no matter how much time you take, do not touch your lenses if your hands are not clean.

Your hands have germs, so when you touch the lenses directly, it is possible that the germs will ruin the lenses and then it’ll affects your eyes. So, wash your hands will warm water and let it dry completely.

Cleaning The Lenses With Tap Water

Do not clean your lenses with water, because the lenses are literally soft, and thus when you wash them they tend to change the shape as well. So, in this case, clean your lenses with contact lenses solution and let them dry completely.

Wearing For Too Long

There are many people who prefer wearing contact lens for a long time. But it isn’t actually good and you need to rethink before repeating it. Don’t wear them too long because it put your corneas in danger.

Not Replacing Your Lenses

You shouldn’t be using the same contact lens for about 1 year continuously. You need to change them after every six months, well, if you are a regular wearer then three months. So, now if you have used it for more than six months, then its time you change the case.

You Sleep With Your Contact Lenses

Those who sleep wearing the contact lenses might be getting a blurry vision once they wake up. Wearing contact lenses when you are sleeping is like making a big mistake. Yes, because then there are chances that you might get an eye irritation. So, please don’t wear them while sleeping.

Ignoring Eye Check-Ups

It doesn’t matter if you are bored to get out of your bed; you must always take some time off to do the check-ups. Doing eye check-ups helps you understand things in full detail.

Wearing Too Much Eye Make-Up

Girls who are too much into applying those eyeliner, mascara things need to avoid using too much of it. Also, while removing the make-up with lenses on, you need to be very careful.

Also, avoid washing your face if you are wearing the contact lenses.


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