Summer Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Needs To Know! |

Summer Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Needs To Know!

With the rising temperature, there is also a rise in the number of beauty problems.

Most of us think summers are for floral dresses, messy hair and a pair of trendy sunglasses. But there’s a lot more to summers than the perfect beach selfies and sunny snapchat stories. While none of us like to talk about it, unfortunately, most of us have to face the damage the heat causes to our skin, hair and body.
If your body has already started showing the residual effects of too much fun in the sun then this is how you can get your beauty back and keep it moving through the last days of the season.

Spraying your roots with dry shampoo at night will help you wake up to gorgeous looking hair that looks freshly washed.


Applying a powder deodorant to the back of your neck 10 minutes before blow drying your hair saves you from all the sweat. Styling made a lot easier, isn’t it?


You can easily get rid of self-tan by applying a paste of baking soda and water to your skin. The mixture will also gently exfoliate your skin.


Coat the blades of the razor in olive oil to protect the metal from rusting.


To prevent sunburned skin, all you need to do is freeze aloe vera gel in ice cube trays overnight and then rub the same over the damaged area.


The acidity of lemon helps to get rid of the sweat stains from your shirts. Try it the next time you run out of your spot remover.


Open sandals and comfy slippers often end up making your skin rough and calloused. Smoothen your feet by rubbing a slice of potato dipped in sea salt.


Try replacing your foundation with a BB cream for summers. It will give you the same effect and also won’t melt when you sweat.


Freeze a couple of bags of chamomile tea in hot water for 15 minutes and then lay them along your bikini line to soothe the irritation or save it from the rashes.


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