Different Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer |

Different Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

With the winters already gone and summers approaching fast, we all know that the task of smelling good is only going to get tougher. With the raising pollution and dust levels of the cities we live in, it becomes even more challenging to keep an aura of pleasant fragrance around us. How wonderful would it be, if our perfumes could linger for a considerable time without having to reapply them over and over? Today, I have brought some tips to make your perfume last longer.

Do you Know your Perfume?

Before complaining about its lasting power, make sure you know your perfume well. Perfumes have an extensive range of variety and each category has its own lasting power and intensity of fragrance. It is crucial to know about which kind of perfume you are using to make it last to its maximum capacity.
• Perfumes are known to last the longest.
• Colognes are the lightest form of fragrance.
• Fragrance balms work great for touch ups.

The Right Place to Apply!


A fragrance lasts longer only when it is applied right. Spraying at the right place not only makes them last longer but also saves you from worrying about not smelling pleasant at the time of need. Do you need suggestions regarding where to apply your perfume for a longer lasting effect? Here is the help list:
• Perfumes work best when they are applied to the warmer areas of your body.
• Behind the ears, sides of the neck, wrists are the ideal places.
• Using fragrance behind your knees is a must while wearing skirts.

Best Time to Apply!


There is a right time to apply a perfume just like applying your makeup! Applying them anytime will not work in your favour and it can’t last longer for more than an hour or two. Follow these quick tips to know about the perfect time:
• Never apply perfumes before a shower.
• Applying a fragrance on stale body ends up in awkward odours.
• The best time to apply is after a shower.

Keep Distance


More than often, we apply a perfume as the last part of our dressing up. Usually, by the time we finish getting ready, we are in haste to either leave for the event quickly or get caught up in clicking selfies. Either way, we hurry up the process and sometimes, we end up applying them from too close. ALWAYS make sure that you apply your perfume from at least a distance of 20-30 cms.

Carry Them Along

This point is strictly for those who are inclined to mild and soft fragrances. Perfumes with lighter tones tend to fade usually after a period of 3-4 hours. Keep their miniatures handy for a reapplication, but make sure you don’t do these:
• Don’t make the reapplication look obvious.
• Try to avoid spray reapplication in public.
• Keep a complementing balm perfume for quick unnoticeable touch-ups.

Applying on Dry Skin, NO!


Do you know perfumes last longer on the skin with an oily texture? Yes! It is because of the characteristics of alcohol content in the perfume. But, if you are in the misconception of applying it directly to our skin makes it get absorbed and last longer, you are wrong. Here is what you should do:
• Post shower, hydrate your skin well with a body lotion of mild fragrance.
• Let the fragrance of your skin care products settle and subside.
• Apply your favourite perfume now, using soft sprays.
• Drench yourself in blissful scent by letting the spray fall naturally on your skin pores.

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