Some Tricks To Master Cut Crease Eyeshadow |

Some Tricks To Master Cut Crease Eyeshadow

Another marvellous beauty technique, for which we have Kardashians to thank for, is cut-crease eye make-up. The make-up technique while used in Hollywood since many years, only just received viral status all over social media. The technique dramatically emphasis your eyes, making them look bigger and brighter, by using a lighter eyeshadow all over your eyelid, highlighted by a darker shadow used to define your eyelid crease. It might sound complicated (and even a little weird) but trust me, once you see how easy it is, and how amazing it looks, you’re going to want to try it. Check out these super easy versions of cut crease eye make-up here:

“The Easiest Cut Crease Ever”

Before starting this eye makeup look, take heed. Bat a Lash Beauty expert Samantha Ravndahl calls this the “easiest cut crease ever”, but also warns the look may take a few tries if you’ve never attempted it. “Patience is key,” she says. To start the look, apply an eye primer to the entire lid. Next, apply a base shadow like MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Bare Study to the lid, and use a white highlight like MAC Eye Shadow in Gesso on the brow bone and inner corners of your eye.

Start Sketching

Use any eyeliner you like (Ravndahl uses MAC Chromaline in Black Black) to sketch a V-shape starting from the crease in the middle of your eye and connecting to the outer corner of your eye. “Make the line thicker toward the outer corner, and use less pressure toward the inner corner, to make the liner thinner and lighter.”

It’s OK You Can Start Over

When your cut crease is drawn in, it should look something like this. (No judgement here if you need to grab the makeup remover. We suggest Salon Perfect Eye Makeup Corrector Sticks to erase those errors.)

Blur It Out

Next, use an eye shader brush like MAC 239 to blend your eyeliner out toward the outer corner of your eye. If you can, try to keep the bottom of your cut crease a sharp line.

Add Some Color

Using the top line of your eyeliner as a guide, apply any eye shadow you’d like (pictured: MAC Eye Shadow in Plum Dressing) over the line and slightly above it, blending in toward the inner corner of your eye. You can also clean up any mistakes along the way with your white eyeshadow.

Flair For The Dramatic

Wing out your eyeliner for added drama. (This step is optional, but almost too gorgeous to skip.)

Finishing Touch

Run the same eyeshadow you used on your eyelids (or an eyeliner in a corresponding color) along your lower lashline for another subtle pop of color.

The Final Look

False lashes (NYX Lashes in EL107 and NYX Half Lashes) finish off the cut crease eye makeup look.


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