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Some Korean Beauty Ingredients You Need To Try Right Now

Korean skincare and beauty products have established a stronghold in the global beauty market, over the last few years, and with good reason. They are just that freaking good! They combine whacky ingredients with too-cute-to-use packaging, make unthinkable aesthetic-related claims, and truly achieve them. If you haven’t gotten on the K-beauty bus yet, it’s time. One of the most important factors behind the power of these Korean beauty products is the use of unique natural ingredients. So, here are four ingredients used in Korean skincare and beauty products that you should be trying out right now.

Royal Honey

It is honey that goes throughout 60-day fermentation, so it has much more nutritional benefit, and is more concentrated than the regular one. Honey is a natural humectant for the skin, as it helps to retain moisture, making it is a great ingredient to use in skincare products.

This cream is not only extremely hydrating, but also brightens your complexion.

Birch Extract

Sap from birch trees or birch juice contains a high amount of amino acids, enzymes and sugars. It is detoxifying and extremely hydrating, and is touted as the ‘next coconut water’.

With Birch tree sap,plantain seed extract, and chamomile, this hydrating mist softens, moisturises, and revitalises your skin. It also helps to repair damaged skin.


Yuja or yuzu is a citrus fruit grown in Asia, that is almost like a cross between a grapefruit and a lemon. The fruit is exceptionally high in Vitamin C, and not only has a refreshing smell, but helps to brighten and soften skin, and prevent signs of aging.

Abi-phase lotion works to moisture and brighten your skin.

Bamboo Extract

Also a humectant, bamboo helps to hold moisture, as well as contains antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

This bamboo water enriched sheet mask hydrates your skin, and keeps your skin healthy, with the help of tangerine, green tea, tangerine and cactus extract.


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