8 Smart Eye Shadow Hacks Every Girl Must Know |

8 Smart Eye Shadow Hacks Every Girl Must Know

Let’s face it when it comes to using eye shadow it can be pretty intimidating. It can get tricky when you get confused about the different kind of brushes, palettes and how to blend it to get the perfect look. But you don’t have to fret, we will share with you this handy list of eye shadow tips that will completely change your eye shadow game! Read on to know the genius eye shadow hacks to help you get that flawless look.

Do not apply eye shadow without primer

Always apply the primer first as it solves the problems of oily lids, creased lids and everything else. Always apply the primer before applying the eye shadow so that it does not smear of fades. But if you don’t have a primer you can also use a concealer it has a thick consistency.

Invest in quality brushes

Do not blend your eye shadow with sponge applicators. Instead invest in a few quality eye shadow brushes. A good makeup brush will get you the perfect look by helping you to blend the eye makeup properly.

Create depth

You can create depth with the use of just one eye shadow, you don’t need to use multiple shadow colors. All you need to do is chose an eye shadow that has several over-and under tones. These also come mixed with subtle pearl or iridescent particles which will give you the dimensional look because of the light refracting particles.

How to make more vibrant

You can make the colors pop on your eyelids by using white shadow. Apply a white base and blend it all over your eye lids before applying the eye shadow. This will help you get a more vibrant color after you apply the eye shadow.


Use post-it notes

You can get a crisp edge by using post-it notes to apply the eye shadow. Before you start the application, apply a Post-it note to the outer edge of your eye. Then proceed to line the corner of your lid and after the application peel the note off. You will get a perfect and defined eye makeup.

How to get an instant brow lift

To get an instant brow lift, you can use a white eye shadow under your brow bone. This will make your brow look sharp and defined. But make sure that you blend it properly underneath your eyebrows.

How to fix broken eye shadow easily

If you broke your expensive eye shadow palette, you don’t have to worry as fixing it is very simple. All you need to do is add a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol into the broken eye shadow and the smooth it out using a spatula or spoon. Press it flat using a tissue paper and then leave it to dry. It will be as good as new!

Know your eye shape

If you figure out your the shape of your eyes, it will help you adjust makeup tutorials for your needs. So, if you have hooded eyes, focus your shadow underneath the lower lashes and at the outer corners. For wide-set eyes opt for a dark color at the inner corner. And those who have close-set eyes should concentrate darkness at the outer corners.

Those who have monolids should experiment with cat eyes and those with deep-set eyes should opt for dramatic smoky eyes.


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