5 Types Of Meditation That Will Give You An Absolute Peace |

5 Types Of Meditation That Will Give You An Absolute Peace

In the midst of eating healthy and rough exercising daily, how many of you practice meditation?

To be honest, I have met people who are usually confused about how to get the meditation process started? Are you on the same track? If yes, then these meditation types will certainly help you, just like it helped them to reduce their mental stress.

I personally feel that meditation is incomparable. It not only helps you with reducing all your mental stress, but it also gives you an absolute peace.Now, meditation is mostly done by many people. You might not know about this, but there are many techniques is good for you.

To give you an answer, here are the types of meditation techniques and you must try them all to find the perfect and suitable one for you.

Focused Meditation

FOCUS- This is certainly a very hard things to do in meditation. Focus is absolutely needed a lot. We all know that when we meditate, our mind keeps thinking about several other things i.e. our mind is not focused on one particular thing. Yes, we mainly think about what you’ll do when the meditation is done etc, but in the midst of all this, we fail to meditate correctly. I’m sure it must be a problem with you as well.

So, to deal with it, when you sit and try this focused meditation-Think about one particular thing only. I mean, there are various sounds around you, so just focus hard on one of it continuously till you are done. Trust me it will work.

Zen Meditation

This meditation is quite popular and is regularly practiced in Japan. In order to do this meditation, you can be seated down as well as you can do it on a chair as well. So, suppose you are seated on a chair, sit straight, and keep your eyes down. Now, focus on the breath that is going in and out through the nose. The best thing is keep counting the breaths and if you miss it, then start all over again.

Metta Meditation

Metta is a word that means good will and kindness. In this meditation technique, you learn self- acceptance and you tend to become more positive with your thoughts and you start appreciating and loving yourself more than ever.

To practice this meditation, sit straight with your eyes closed and in your mind, start thinking about yourself and then your friends and family, and think positive about everything. As in, wish something positive for them and hold love towards them in the whole process. By doing this continuously, you’ll start walking on the same track and you will feel complete positiveness.

Mantra Meditation

In this meditation, you’ve to sit straight with eyes closed and repeat a mantra softly. And at, that same time; you also have to focus on your breathing process.

Third Eye Meditation

Third eye meditation is a universal yoga meditation and people mostly prefer doing it. Also, it is considered as one of the top and a best one and people are extremely comfortable with this technique. So, you can try this one to find out your comfortability as well.

You need to sit straight with your eyes closed, and pay proper attention on the spot between your eyebrows. This technique will put your mind in a silent zone and you’ll be more able to focus on your on-going thoughts deeply.

These were the types of meditation. Try them and practice a particular one that makes you feel comfortable. 

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