Things All Extroverted-Introverts Can Relate To |

Things All Extroverted-Introverts Can Relate To

There are a number of things extroverted introverts (or rather, “ambiverts”) have to deal with on a daily basis. The worst being the fact that most people simply do not understand them because:

They’re the life of the party – when they actually feel like going to parties.
They’re confident and social when out and about, but can spend countless hours or days by themselves.
They can be independent and dependent at the same time.
They’re sometimes very quiet, which can give off the wrong impression to strangers.
It sounds like a complete whirlwind, doesn’t it? While ambiverts are clearly very diverse and multidimensional people, they’re also positively adorable and wonderful too.

Here are the daily struggles all ambiverts know to be true.

Ambiverts love and hate the idea of a party or social gathering. It all depends on who will be there, how they feel that day, and if they’re comfortable enough with being “themselves” around said-people.

Multi-ethnic friends toasting at party

People are continuously surprised when ambiverts admit that they’re actually kind of shy. To others, they seem extremely confident and outgoing.

Ambiverts are told off on a weekly, or even daily basis, for choosing to stay at home as opposed to going out.

After several hours of interacting with people, ambiverts need to find a quiet space in order to be by themselves for a while.


Ambiverts feel strongly and passionately, but sometimes have difficulty conveying those feelings to others.

But ultimately, ambiverts are awesome because they can curl up with a good book or be the life of the party – and be completely content with either.


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