The Reason Why Many Believe Millennials Are Too Sensitive |

The Reason Why Many Believe Millennials Are Too Sensitive

We’re now living in a technological age that is saturated with forms of communication that were unavailable to our parents, their parents and so on. The face of conversation has transformed itself so immensely that we’re able to create new facades, be less personal, and more confident.

We are also living in a time where it’s never been easier to let others know your thoughts, opinions, feelings, frustrations, and beliefs. With social media continuously growing every single day, it’s become a platform for all to express themselves to a larger audience. This public audience then has the ability to share your beliefs and thus, something you felt strongly about, goes viral.

The difference between then and now is that pre-smart phone days we enjoyed the art of conversation by picking up the telephone and calling our friends. It was here, and face-to-face, that our conversations, ideas, thoughts, and feelings were being conveyed. If we felt strongly about, for example, global warming – a few of our best friends would know about this fact.


Nowadays, however, a simple click of a button or touch of a screen lets you essentially tell the entire world just how strongly you feel about global warming. This could lead to a wide-spread conversation which leads to bigger things – such as protests, interactive conversations, gatherings, or even making friends with like-minded people who live anywhere in the world. But what does technology have to do with the fact that some believe millennials are too sensitive?

If you were to log into your Facebook right now, you would probably see that your friends were out having a great time, some were talking about something important to them, others perhaps sharing a picture or status about someone they loved. The need to over-share is huge because we now have several outlets to share things on.
The truth is, millennials aren’t any more over-sensitive than any other age group. They merely have a larger and easier platform in which to air, become proactive, and to share their thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and feelings. And just like that, we can actively see how the world of technology has changed society today, and how we are easily influenced by people via social media.

So do things wisely 😉

Thank you 🙂

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