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Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

Have you ever been in a desperate situation and wished that there was a simple solution to your problem? Well, lots of everyday household items actually have some tricks to them that you can use to help you out in your everyday life.
If you find yourself having trouble with lots of the small things in life, check out this list and you may just find life a little bit easier.

Did you know that Tic Tac lids have a little crater in them that allows your Tic Tac to fall perfectly into place when you dispense one?


The dimple that is located at the bottom of a wine bottle is called a punt. In the past, flat bottomed bottles would cause wine bottles to tip over. The punt was created to solve this problem.


The brackets on top of the nozzles in gas stations are put there as a safety precaution in case people accidentally drive away with the nozzle still in the gas tank. The brackets snap off if someone drives away without removing the nozzle.


The holes in the handles of pots can be used to hold your spoon as you’re cooking a meal.


Have you ever noticed that the letters “F” and “J” on the keyboard of your PC or laptop have a little line on them? The reason for this is that they can be used as a guide for people to easily position their hands.


The hole in the caps of rings is actually designed so that you can fit your straw in and drink comfortably. This prevents the straw from bobbing or moving around.


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