6 Ways Huma Qureshi Will Tell You To Respect Your Curves |

6 Ways Huma Qureshi Will Tell You To Respect Your Curves

Huma Qureshi has successfully made herself a body positive icon for an entire generation that struggles with body-issues. The full bodied, no-damn giving actress refuses to succumb to the pressures of adhering to the standard Bollywood measurements. And her recent outfit choices are proof. By flaunting her body (that most actresses would put under a strict regimen) in socially-unforgiving silhouettes.

Huma’s tolerance for the “dress for your body” diktat is pleasantly low. While the actress may have graced multiple magazine covers with her voluptuous frame as the flag bearer of body positivity, it’s her unabashed dressing that is straight-up inspiring. What better way to peach than to wear ideology like a seasoned rebel? Here’s looking at how the actress is helping us pull up our droopy self-esteems.

Huma takes on both, plunging neckline and a thigh-high slit, and finishes this stunner of a combination with a military inspired blazer on top.

Hereby, thigh-high slits are as much for thick thighs as they are for the ones they are deemed ideal for.

Don’t hide under that expensive trench dress that you saved up to snatch at a discount. Instead, cinch it with a contrasting belt on top like Huma, and let our curves have a solo moment.

If you do pick a floor-sweeping maxi, don’t fall prey to the regular dress-up routine. Throw over a biker jacket and indulge in a little textural play. Huma does the same by mixing her brand of feminine vibe with some harmless grunge.

Don’t be skepetical to cinch.Huma does the impossible by enlivening an already-peppy floral jumpsuit. All she does is that she puts a belt on it. Curves secured. Mission accomplished.

Another day, another masterful cinch by Huma. This time, the actress introduces our faithful friend, layering, in the sartorial mix. She throws on a cute cape over her paparazzi- tackling dress and works the hell out of it.

The all-inclusive cold-shoulder gets a definitive nod from Huma, who ticks all boxes of unconventional in a cherry yellow hue, an exggerated shoulder and a calf-grazing length.

So, give it a try to your curves and wear dress flaw-lessely like Huma Qureshi..!

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