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Happy Colours = Happy You

Spring is a time to hit the refresh button.Dress your home ‘happy’. Cheer yourself with happy hues – orange, greens, yellows. Nothing sings ‘spring’ like the colour yellow.

Yellow- Orange Combination


It can help you jump-start your day, as experts say focusing on the colours yellow and orange stimulates energy and mood levels, making them must-see hues during your early morning hours.Indulge in bed linen in these vibrant shades. Sip tea in yellow-coloured cups. A large white bowl of oranges or tall glass vase of lemons can liven up your kitchen space instantly. The easiest way to incorporate this colour is to use yellow flowers.The touch of outdoors in your home decor will make it evident that spring is here.

Think sunshine and green

Spring is about trying to get more sun to feel happier. Time to open up the windows as the winter spell is now fading. Surround yourself with house plants. In fact, create an indoor garden in your bedroom by using indoor plants that help us to breathe easy. Plants, studies say, increase feelings of serenity and relaxation. And taking time to care for them — trimming a bonsai, watering a blooming peace lily — creates a sense of accomplishment and well-being.

Birds Of Feather

Spring up your home with motifs of birds and butterflies in your lobby or patio. Bird and butterfly art creates a spring-friendly vibe in the house. Hang some bird nesting cages for real birds and wake up to their chirping.

Grow Your Spring Garden

You can grow your own spring garden even if you have a small house. Look for sunny spaces – balconies, windows that get enough sunlight. Plant some phlox, dahlias, poppies at this time to make your home bloom. Or try out a vertical garden on one wall.

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