Weird Things That Makes You Loss Memory |

Weird Things That Makes You Loss Memory

We all have been told often what is good for your body is also good for your mind. That’s the reason doctors say that a well balanced diet and exercise is good for the brain and helps considerably in bringing down the risk of Alzheimer’s disease as you age.
However, there are some factors that may affect your memory before age catches up. Here are some that may surprise you:

Bad Sleep

Improper sleep means your brain isn’t rested enough. This will gradually lead to build up of brain proteins linked to Alzheimer’s. Sleep is essential to keep your brain healthy.


According to a 2017 study, older women living in highly polluted areas are more prone to dementia than women living in cleaner climate. Polluted particles when enter our bodies can trigger inflammation and may lead to early Alzheimer’s.

Eating Pattern

Eating too much and too late? Doctors treating Alzheimer’s ask their patients to have an early dinner and then fast until breakfast. They feel a fast of 12 hours is necessary to promote brain health.

Isolation – Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Various studies suggest that loneliness and feeling socially isolated puts you at a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Though more studies are being carried out to understand whether it is loneliness that promotes Alzheimer’s or the onset of Alzheimer’s that makes people want to be socially isolated.

High Blood Pressure

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We all know high blood pressure is bad for both your body and brain. So it is important to map your blood pressure and manage your cholesterol levels for a good mind-body balance.

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