Myths About The Human Body That We Were Fools To Believe In |

Myths About The Human Body That We Were Fools To Believe In

The information and news passed through the internet can be pretty much a truckload of bullshit, however, the online world has proved to be a great place to learn sometimes. And on my lookout for some amazing facts about our body, I happen to stumble upon a few ‘facts’ that were actually untrue. Prepare to be surprised, one by one!



Myth – Pearl white teeth are the healthy ones.
Fact – A tooth’s natural color is slightly yellow.
All those advertisements that show you a set of white teeth is the key to success or getting a girl are false. White teeth aren’t the healthiest and, in fact, the natural colour of a tooth is slightly yellow.



Myth -Shampoos can cure split ends
Fact – The only way to cure split ends is to cut them
Hair is dead. And it can’t be repaired. Period.



Myth – Sweating releases toxins from your body.
Fact – All is does is regulate body’s internal temperature.
While sweating is really good for the health, releasing toxins is not one of them. It’s just a common claim used to promote the practice.

Cold During Winters

Hispanic woman jogging on snow covered road

Myth – You Catch Cold During Winters
Fact – Cold is caused by viruses, and not temperature.
It’s proven that cold weather doesn’t make you sick but germs do.

Drinking Alcohol


Myth – Drinking alcohol makes you feel warm
Fact – Alcohal actually lowers your body temperature.
Yes, this one’s another common myth. In fact, if there’s anything that alcohol does to the body is lower its core temperature. The drink acts as a vasodilator with the body and really dilates the blood vessels. And it is the sudden gushing of blood to the skin’s surface is what makes it warm.



Myth – Carrots improve eyesight.
Fact – Carrots help improve muscle degeneration.
All those claims of carrots being really helpful improving one’s eyesight are nothing but a part of some folklore, just like the one which says that spinach makes your biceps grow your biceps like Popeye.

So, how many of these facts did you know before?

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