Try These Some Love-Laden Desi Aphrodisiacs |

Try These Some Love-Laden Desi Aphrodisiacs

Honey, I’m Home: it’s been known that a simple food like honey has beneficial effects on sexual health. It promotes testosterone production in men and the mineral boron regulates estrogen in women. 

Glee With Ghee: No other substance is as widely used to prepare Ayurvedic medicines as ghee. It is also cited as the best substance for preparing the body for internal detoxification (panchkarma). Also, the combination of ghee and milk is one of the best rejuvenation tonics. 

Horse Power: Ashwagandha belongs to the same family as tomatoes. It originated in India and is one of the most potent herbs in Ayurveda. It stimulates the production of DHEA, a hormone converted by the body into testosterone and estrogen. Get the power of a stallion with this one!

Think Love: The strongest aphrodisiac in Ayurveda, Kapikacchu is one of the more potent mood enhancing and libido stimulating superfoods available, with noticeable health benefits and a long list of uses. This herb is known to tweak brain’s neurotransmitters in a good way and help the body relax.

Rejuvenating Tonic: Lotus seeds are an excellent heart tonic and aphrodisiac. When combined with other aphrodisiacs like Shatavari makes it more potent but can be had on its own. The lotus flower produces edible seeds, which you can eat cooked or raw. Lotus seeds contain kaempferol, a natural flavonoid which prevents inflammation and increases libido.

Forbidden Fruit

Figs are filled with antioxidants, flavonoids, fibre and potassium. Rumoured to be Cleopatra’s favorite fruit, ancient Greeks considered it a sacred fruit and associated it with love and fertlity. Author D H Lawrence dedicated a poem to the sensual powers of this summer fruit.

The food we eat directly affects our hormones, brain, chemistry, energy and stress levels.

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