Say Hello To The New Mellow Yellow Color Of The Season |

Say Hello To The New Mellow Yellow Color Of The Season

We love yellow as a color, but not always on us. This season I encourage everyone to try this out. The key here is to pick a color that suits your skin tone. The yellow color family has a variety of different shades. You never know what looks good on you until you try it on.

One of the biggest color trends this year, both here in Nigeria and international fashion scene is yellow. Yellow color is associated with laughter, happiness and good times.

All the more reason to wear it wholeheartedly! Yellow is bright, it’s loud, it’s in-your-face – it’s a bold color, and it’s not something you wear if you’re trying to play it safe. You may dismiss it immediately as a color you cannot wear, but you don’t have to go full out in yellow to embrace the color.

If you don’t want to wear yellow all through, yellow separates are just as pretty; keep the rest of the look basic to avoid ending up on the worst-dressed list.

If you don’t want to be really bright, go for a more muted yellow, like mustard yellow. Since yellow is a bright colour you don’t need much of it to give your outfit just that bit of colour or extra flair. Keep your accessories simple and neutral: for bags and shoes think black and beige.

Let the bright clothes steal the spotlight. For your makeup, go for red lips. The two colours are so complementary and you will come out looking radiant and beautiful.

Try these 3 ways to wear the happiest color of the season:

Hello Sunshine: Get a brunch ready with a canary yellow dress paired with metallic accessories.

On The Go: Give a nod to the athleisure with a yellow sports bra worn with a printed pencil skirt.

Code Cool: Layer a denim jacket over a cherry yellow dress for an edgy off-duty style.

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