The Truth About Carbs And Why You Should Be Eating Them |

The Truth About Carbs And Why You Should Be Eating Them

Carbs have been turned into the villians we love to hate, which is why low carb diets have become so popular. However, nutrition experts still recommend that we get 45-65% of our calories from carbohydrates. So are carbs good or bad?

The fact is some high carb foods like candy, pastries, and soda are very unhealthy, but there are also healthy high carb foods like vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and dals that should be a part of your daily diet. Here are a few things you should know before you decide to ditch carbs.

The Whole Truth About Carbs

Truth 1: Carbs will not make you fat

Low carb diets are portrayed as the perfect way to lose weight quickly as “carbs make you fat”. This could not be further from the truth. Healthy high carb foods are perfect for weight loss, as they are high in nutrition and keep you feeling full for long periods.

Many high carb fooda sre also high in fibre and studies prove that these foods can help you shed the excess weight and keep it off. Include channa, masoor dal, and shakarkandi (sweet potato) in your weight loss plan to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Truth 2: Not all simple carbs are unhealthy

Carbohydrates can be divided into simple carbs and complex carbs. While many simple carbs are unhealthy – such as the refined sugars in colas and packaged juices, there are many simple carbs that are healthy. Fruits contain a simple carb called fructose, while milk contains lactose – these healthy carbs act as fuel for your body and will not make you put on weight.Diced fruit in dahi is in fact the best possible low-calorie dessert low-calorie dessert that will not compromise your diet but will still satisfy your sweet tooth!

Truth 3: Carbs do not cause acne

The internet is home to plenty of half-truths and whole lies! Research shows that SOME high-carb foods may increase the risk of acne, but these come from unhealthy processed junk foods, such as refined sugars and flours. Healthy high carbs foods like whole grains however, have no impact on the severity or frequency of acne breakouts.

Truth 4: Carbs prevents hunger pangs

Who among us hasn’t craved pizza, fries, or sodas? However, this does not mean that carbs cause hunger pangs, in fact research shows that foods high in resistant starch – a type of healthy carbs will curb hunger pangs and reduce calorie intake. An experiment even showed that people who consumed foods high in resistant starch were more satiated and consumed fewer calories over the course of the next 24 hours. Legumes such as Urad dal, lobia, val, and kulthi and whole grains including brown rice are among the best sources of resistant starch.

Truth 5: Carbs fuel your muscle

You require protein to increase muscle mass, but carbs remain the main source of fuel for your muscles. The carbohydrates from your meals are converted into glycogen, which is then stored in the cells of your muscles. When you exercise, this glycogen is converted into glucose, which then fuels your body. High carb foods like bananas, oats, or assorted nuts will give you an energy boost and so they make the perfect pre-workout snack.

The Takeaway

Low carb diet plans have been linked to a variety of health risks including heart problems, kidney damage, and an increased risk of cancer. A healthy balanced diet with an adequate amount of carbs, protein, and fats will help you to achieve your goals without compromising your health.

So whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle, carbs are the way to go!

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