Some Foam Rolling Moves That Will Boost Blood Flow & Flexibility |

Some Foam Rolling Moves That Will Boost Blood Flow & Flexibility

Foam rolling also known as Self-myofascial release (Self Massage) is a fitness technique used by many athletes to keep the muscles strong and maintain normal blood flow. It is one of a great technique and the foam roller is not so expensive as well. The foam rolling moves will help you recover the parts of your body that needs to be healed. It is a perfect tool for stretching and a good massageable tool as well.

Foam roller includes applying pressure to the muscles and thus it easily boosts the circulation of blood to the body. Plus, there’s no point of getting bored too, cause’ you can carry this exercise for at-least 5-10 minutes.

Here are 6 Foam Rolling Moves that you should do everyday.

Quad Muscle

Lie face-down on the ground. Place the foam roller horizontally to your legs, and rest your forearms on the ground in a tight position. Now, start rolling two inches to the front and then back on the roller.

Neck Foam Roller

Lie on your back and place the roller right under your neck. To feel the pressure on your neck, allow your head to completely rest on it. Now slowly move down and then up or turn your head to the right and then left for 60 seconds.


Place the roller under you in the length of your spine, with knees bent and feets flat. You can carry some leg exercises too, as in, lift your foot up and bend it, and then again, do the same thing with your right.

Groin Foam

Lie face-down with one leg on the top of a roller and try to put pressure on the roller as much as you can. Start rolling the foam between your knees and hips (60 sec). Repeat the same with the other leg. Well, this will relax your muscle and reduce the tightness do.

Glute Roller

Sit on the foam roller in a way that it helps you cross your one leg so that the ankle can be placed over the knee. Now, keep rolling over the glutes (60 sec minimum).

Calf Muscle

Sit on the floor, bend your left leg, and place the right calf into the foam roller. Place both your hands behind you, in order to be supported. Now, put some more pressure on your right leg and try to extend your ankle and do a little bit of exercise with it. Repeat the same with your left leg later.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase foam rolling and start with the moves. 🙂


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