Quirky Valentines Day Gifts |

Quirky Valentines Day Gifts

Not only that, you don’t really have any money to spend on a gift.That can be a problem.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of homemade gifts for your girlfriend/boyfriend that might just bail you out.

Wooden Ring Holder


Believe it or not, this cool looking ring holder is pretty simple to make. We used a Dremel Maker Kit to do it, but you might be able to get by with tools you already have. You can do yourself, plus 4 other simple DIY gifts like a bracelet, necklace, and more.

Personalised Message Like


Isn’t this cute? You can create as many messages with these clips. Get creative and paint these clips in different colours or sparkles.

Make A Glitter Necklace


No need to spend big money on jewellery. This DIY necklace looks awesome and is easy to do.

His/Her Favourite Things In A JAR


This will be a best surprise for him/her if you put all the things which she/he likes. You can put all kinds of things in a jar and make a great homemade gift out of it.

Some Useful Things Like


Scratcher that everyone wants to have it. This is a cheaper way to get it done.

Homemade Jar


These tin can lanterns are quick and easy and they make gorgeous homemade gifts. where he/she can put all his/her stuff.

Hope you like it !

Thank You 😉

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