Worst Squat Mistakes – Ways To Make Them Fix |

Worst Squat Mistakes – Ways To Make Them Fix

The highly effective lower body exercise, squats can also be one of the most dangerous if not done in a proper manner. The seven most common ways squatters mess it up.

Knees Crossing The Toes


While doing squats, you must have in mind an imaginary line that comes straight up from your toes. When getting into a squat position, make sure your knees don’t cross this imaginary line. Try sitting back more and work on your flexibility.

Doing Shallow Squats


For maximal thigh development, you must try to bend to bring your thighs parallel to the floor with about a 90-degree knee bend. The deeper you go, the more your glutes and hamstrings have to work.

Rounding Your Back


Rounding your back is dangerous because it places extra stress on the intervertebral discs, which are highly susceptible to injury. To avoid this, your back should be straight while performing squats.

Looking Way Up


You should not look up while doing squats. Rather you must try to maintain a neutral arch in your cervical spine by looking directly forward.

Collapsing Your Knees In


Never let your knee collapse inward as you squat. Your knees should go outward while squatting. Always point your knees in the same direction as your toes.

So Be Careful 😉

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