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Why Your Biceps Aren’t Growing Despite The Hard Work

You’ve stuck to your exercise routine and gone to the gym religiously, but no matter how much time and effort you spend, your biceps and triceps just don’t seem to reflect the hard work. As frustrating as it may be, the truth is that no matter how much you train, you will never get the results you desire if you don’t exercise correctly. According to trainers, these are the most common mistakes that people make when working on their triceps and biceps.

Wrong Form & Posture

Correct form and posture is probably the most important aspect of any type of exercise, unfortunately it is also the most neglected! You can do multiple sets with several reps of bicep and tricep curls but if your posture and form is not correct, these muscles just won’t grow and what’s worse, you run the risk of muscle injury. There’s a reason your gym is covered in mirrors and it’s not just vanity! Use them to check your form and posture throughout your routine. The most common bicep training mistake is to arch your back instead of engaging your core and tucking in your tailbone.

Too Many Single Joint (SJ) Exercises

When you decide to grow your biceps and triceps, your first impulse is to hit the gym and start pumping our tricep extensions. Exercises like tricep extensions and biceps curls are called single joint exercises or isolation exercises as they engage just one muscle group, it can decrease muscular balance and increase your risk of an injury. Your gym routine can include single joint exercises, but make sure that you do multi-joint exercises too. Simple multi-joint exercises like push-ups and pullups will help to increase overall muscle tone and will also improve the results of your single-joint exercises.

Overworking Your Muscles

It is good to push your limits, as this is the only way you will achieve your goals.However, if you try to power through exercises that are well beyond your capabilities, you will not able to work through the entire range of motion required. This means that you will not reap the benefits of the practice. Furthermore, you will overwork and damage your muscles and this could set you back by weeks if not months! Instead of trying to push yourself in terms of the type of exercise, keep increasing the intensity and reps of your current exercises and only move on to new exercises when you are confident that you can do them correctly.

Your Weights Aren’t Heavy Enough

If you want muscle mass and muscle definition, you can’t train with same weights month after month. If your weights are not heavy enough, you will notice that after the first few weeks of visible muscle improvement, your results start to plateau. But how do you know if your weights are heavy enough? A simple way is to pay close attention to the last 2 reps of your set – if you struggle to complete them while keeping the right form, you are fine but if you can manage it easily, it’s time to move on to a heavier weight.

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