Why Do Some People Never Get Fat? |

Why Do Some People Never Get Fat?

It’s frustrating, annoying and disheartening when you see your best friend shovel food down, while the bulges just don’t show. You on the other hand watch your portion size and exercise religiously, but still struggle to shed the pounds.

Yes, we all have a friend or two who falls into this elite and much envied group, but how is it that these people never seem to get fat?


Why Some Of Us Never Gain Weight

Missing Fat Enzyme

“A digestive enzyme that determines how we metabolize fat may be missing in skinny individuals, possibly allowing fat to simply pass through the body without weight gain.”

Research suggests that individuals who do not gain weight may actually be missing a crucial digestive enzyme that determines how we metabolize fat. The fat enzyme, called MGAT2, normaly regulates the conversion of fat into energy or into stored fat. Without this enzyme, the body may not store or utilise fat, as it normally would. This would prevent obesity and associated problems like fatty liver disease and glucose intolerance.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)

“Simply fidgeting in your seat at work or standing frequently can increase energy expenditure, sending your metabolic rate up by as much as 50%.”

This is a term used in calorie counting calculations, and it refers to energy expenditure from daily activity or rather, you very existence. It does not include exercise and planned workouts, but it covers everyday activities from showering and brushing your teeth to tapping your feet as you listen to music.

According to experts, including those from the American Council on Exercise, simply fidgeting in your seat at work and adding to NEAT can increase metabolic rate by as much as 50%. In other words, you could burn 4,000 calories instead of 2,000!

Genetic Factors

The term “skinny gene” is not a metaphor after all! Research that appeared in the journal Nature reveals that a set of genes in chromosome-16 influences obesity and skinniness.

Most people inherit a pair of chromosomes, with one gene from each parent, but there are sometimes duplications or missing chromosomes. In case of duplication of chromosomes-16 , an individual is unlikely to gain fat, as opposed to people without the gene, who are at greater risk of morbid obesity.

Medical Reasons For Thinness

While there are many individuals who are simply lucky, blessed with the right genes or missing enzymes, others may struggle to gain weight because of undiagnosed health conditions.

Overactive thyroid glands, undiagnosed diabetes, and nutritional disorders can often exacerbate the problem, especially if you already have a high metabolism rate, In such cases, you may appear to be healthy because of your slender figure, but the underlying condition puts you at risk.

The Unfair Advantage:

So, until scientists can figure out a way to use this knowledge to our advantage and for our eating pleasure, you’ll just have to go easy on the utter parathas and burgers.

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