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8 Wonders Of The Belly Button Massage

Most of us need a relaxing massage from a masseuse to relax our body by rubbing oil on it. But there is a rub-down massage which we can do on our own called the belly button massage. It offers our body great health benefits which are totally unimaginable.

Rubbing oil on our abdominal part has incredible benefits which none of us could have imagined. Our belly button is undoubtedly fantastic. So, check out some of the advantages of massaging our navel.

Maybe you’ve always wanted a Swedish massage, where the massage therapists rub oils on you and perform long flowing strokes to relax you and relieve muscle tension Or maybe you’ve always wanted an Aromatherapy massage, where gentle strokes and a customized blend of pure essential oils are used to relax and naturally hydrate your body. But a relatively unknown type of massage, which happens to be just as beneficial and relaxing, is called the belly button massage.

Improves Fertility

We all know that olive oil has powerful health benefits, and applying olive oil or coconut oil on our belly button improves fertility.

White Spots

Do you hate white spots? Just apply neem oil on your belly button to get rid of them.

Skin Pigmentation

Skin coloring can get worse with time if we don’t deal with it right away. You can apply lemon oil on your belly button to get rid of pigmentation.

Glowing Face

Would you like some natural blush on your cheeks? Just apply almond oil on your belly button and get a glowing face in no time.

Smooth Lips

Apply mustard oil on your belly button to get rid of cracked lips and to heal them faster.

Soft Skin

Applying clarified cow butter on your belly button will help you get a softer and smoother skin.

Face Acne

Want to get rid of your pestering acne fast? Apply neem oil on your belly button and restore your smooth face.

Cold & Flu

Keep an alcohol dipped cotton ball on your belly button so that you can get rid of your cold or flu.

So, these are some of the things that a belly button massage can do for your health.


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