Have You Tried These New Fun Workouts? |

Have You Tried These New Fun Workouts?

We all know that our body needs variety to keep getting stronger. Doing the same workout day after day, although great to be exercising will only get you so far before you hit a plateau or get bored. I made a list of different things to try to get you re-inspired to get that body moving.

Biking In The Pool

You may be cycling in the gym to attain those shapely legs, now how about biking under water? Pool biking is all about using rust-resistant bikes made especially for underwater workouts. It makes for complete resistance training for the body as sweating it out in the water is a lot gentler on the joints than on land. It also improves flexibility as your muscles get more exercise. When you are done with your workout for the day, you can just dive into the water for a quick cool down.

Dance + Yoga= Gyrotonic

Always thought yoga wasn’t the thing for you? Try Gyrotonic that offers the mind and body benefits of practising yoga sans stillness and meditation. Gyrotonic is a training method based on the principles of yoga, dance, tai chi, and swimming and helps improve core strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and agility. Also called ‘Yoga for Dancers,’ this one’s ideal for those who hate monotony and wish to embrace variation in their exercise routine. This unique workout comprises spiral movements, rotation and breath work using handles and pulleys to enable movements like sweeping and arcing.

A Live-Streaming Class, Anyone?

Shelling out a bomb for zumba training session? Spending a good 30 minutes to one hour travelling to the gym? Not able to remain consistent with your workout regimen because of being away for pleasure or business trips? Switch to live-streaming videos which are becoming even more popular on social media with platforms like Facebook Live. Access the fitness regimen from anywhere in the world; all you need is an internet connection. Just hit that subscribe button and get going. Bring that in-class energy to your private fitness session at home. Currently, very few studios and instructors may be streaming live classes, bu the shift is likely to happen this year, according to industry experts.


The best thing about a trampoline workout is that it can help you burn fat, without you even realising that it is an exercise! You can begin with basic bouncing 3 times every week and then gradually move towards tougher exercises like performing a prance or squats on it, according to your preference.


Tennikoit is a tennis-style sport where two teams, separated by a net, indulge in catching and returning a rubber ring. Playing this game involves both physical and mental power. It demands you to stay vigilant because you need to act spontaneously in order to get hold of the ring.

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