Things You Do That Damage Your Teeth |

Things You Do That Damage Your Teeth

These are some things you are probably doing on a daily basis that are harming your teeth and gums.

Not Flossing


It helps remove bacteria lodged between the teeth due to food particles. Once they start to multiply, they can cause cavities that are painful to repair. So start doing it.

Using Your Old Brush


You should not use an old toothbrush for long as it will have harmful bacteria that can lead to infections. Some even suggest changing toothbrush after a bout of cold. Moreover, old toothbrushes are mostly ineffective because the bristles degrade over time.

Brushing Too Hard


You probably think that brushing too hard removes bacteria and stain. Well, this habit of yours is actually hurting your gums and enamel. It makes your gums recede and exposes the root of your tooth leading to sensitivity.

Brushing Right After Eating


Some people think that brushing right after eating is good for the teeth. In reality, it is not! This makes you brush the acid into your teeth, which may erode your enamel. So wait for at least 30 minutes after a meal.



This goes without saying that tobacco is the biggest reason of tooth decay. Chewing tobaccco is in fact worse than smoking. It cuts blood supply to the gums and excess can even lead to oral cancer.

Opening Packets or Bottles?


Many people use their teeth to open a pack, tear off tags from clothes or even sometimes open bottles. This is extremely harmful for your teeth and gums both. Teeth are just for chewing food, not to be used as tool.

Ice !

In a hot and humid day, many people find comfort in chewing ice without knowing that it is damaging for your teeth. Ice can lead to wear and tear of your enamel as well as tooth. Also, cold temperature is not good for your oral health.

Take good care of your teeth!

Thank You 😉

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