Some Workout Tips That Will Help You To Get In Shape |

Some Workout Tips That Will Help You To Get In Shape

Everyone is familiar with those stubborn tricky zones of the body that require a little extra work to tighten and tone. Of course, it is pretty hard to do all those things that are needed to have a fit body and happy soul. Moreover, hitting to a gym outside of the home to get into exercise makes it even harder task to attain, especially in chilly winters or if you have kids, jobs or other commitments.

Well, you might have practised a lot of exercise but still, you might not have found the desired shape achieved. So, after a lot of exercise trial and error, we finally bring upon a smile and straightforward workout regime that is designed to be done in the comfort of your home.

Unlike other vacations exercise breaks generally lasts longer than you’d like and the moments they come with are ones you’d rather not hang on to. You know how it goes: Two missed workout snowballs into two months of zero fitness motivation, and suddenly you can’t button your jeans or do a pushup to save your life. In fact, research shows that body fat, weight, and waist size can rise and fitness levels can dip after just a five week hiatus.

So, check out all the moves that will shape you up from head to toe.

Monday- Stretching your legs, arms for flexibility

Start your week by doing these exercises on Monday.

Tuesday- Plank For 5 min in 2 reps

If you think 15 second plank is difficult, then double it on Tuesday.

Wednesday- Pushups, Knee Pushups 10-15 reps (2 times)

Always remember that while performing these exercises, the right technique should be your highest priority.

Thursday- Wall Sits at least for 10-15 mins

All sits sound easy but the longer you have to hold yourself for, the more you realize just how tough they are.

Friday- Crunches 10-15 reps for beginners

Don’t worry because of the increasing sets. Just remember your goal and yes, two days for rest should also be in your mind.

Saturday & Sunday- Take relax 

Whoopie! Take it easy, just relax and take rest. So, no workout on weekends.

For cardio,have a look at plan:

Try doing one cardio session a week using this regime:

Cardio, short for cardiovascular, is a form of exercise that benefits your aerobic system–your heart, lungs and blood vessels. To get the most benefit from your cardio workouts, you should perform three 20-minute sessions per week ensuring that your heart rate is between 60 to 90 percent of your maximum, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Longer workouts burn more fat and are good for weight control. There are countless choices for cardio exercises, from various forms of dance to rebounding and jumping jacks to a session at the gym.


For the less-fit, walking provides a good workout. If you are using walking as a cardio exercise, walk briskly enough so that you are slightly out of breath and warm. Use your arms to intensify your walking or wear a backpack to increase the difficulty of your workout. Walking can be performed outside or on a treadmill.


As your fitness improves, you may progress from walking to jogging. Jogging is essentially slow running and can be performed either outside or on a treadmill. Because jogging is a high-impact activity, make sure you wear supportive and cushioned shoes to minimize the risk of injury.


Cycling is a low-impact exercise that can be performed both outside and inside. There are a variety of bikes you can use outside, including mountain bikes, road bikes and hybrids. If you choose to cycle on the road, you should always wear a helmet and follow traffic rules. Cycling indoors can be done on recumbent (leaning back) and upright bikes, or you can participate in studio cycling classes at the gym.


Choose indoor and outdoor rowing competitively or for recreation. Rowing uses both your arms and legs, making it a good whole-body workout. Rowing is a non-impact activity that makes it suitable if you suffer from knee or back problems or are particularly heavy. Because rowing uses your lower back, it is important to get advice on correct rowing technique to ensure maximize rowing benefits while reducing any risk of injury.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is popular with boxers and is a cheap, effective workout. Learning to jump rope may take you a while but once you have mastered the techniques, you will have a form of cardio you can do almost anywhere. Jumping rope is a high-impact activity so you should always wear supportive and cushioning shoes.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start.

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