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5 DIY Remedies To Help You Prevent Yellow Nails

Yellow nails are troublesome! Especially when women face this problem it creates a lot of awkwardness. I’ve gone through it too  and just to hide them I used to apply dark nail polish. Well, have you ever tried doing the same thing? If yes then you’ll certainly understand the embarrasment.

But even though we go on doing such things; it only results into affecting your nails and it makes them more yellowish in color. Yes it happens because sometimes even the nail polish that we use results into upsetting the nails.

So personally I tried using these DIY remedies and dang it really worked. Guess what? Now I can keep my nails free without applying any nail polish.

If you want the same thing then use these DIY remedies and get rid of yellow nails.

Orange Peel

Orange peel has ingredients that can fight the yellow nails

  • Take the orange peel and keep it rubbing onto your yellow nails
  • Rub it for at-least 5 minutes
  • Later wash your hands off
  • Keep doing the same thing twice a day until you see the result


Yes, the one we use for whitening of our teeth

  • Apply the white toothpaste onto your nails
  • Keep it like that for about 5 minutes
  • Now keep scrubbing the nails smoothly
  • Later soak the cotton balls in warm water and now start wiping the nails
  • Do it at-least 3 times a week


Lemon is one of the best remedy you can use to prevent your yellow nails

  • Squeeze the lemon and remove its juice by filling it half a bowl
  • Soak your nails in it for 10 minutes
  • After removing now keep scrubbing the nails and then rinse off the hands with water
  • Later apply some moisturising lotion onto it
  • Do it for at-least 3 times a week

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is totally advantageous and it helps prevent the yellowish color

  • Take bowl and put some amount of tea tree oil in it
  • Now apply the oil onto your nails by using the cotton balls
  • Keep scrubbing your nails smoothly
  • Now rinse it off with warm water
  • Do it at-least 2 times daily and 3 days a week

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has best properties to prevent the yellow nails

  • Take a bowl and mix water and apple cider vinegar together
  • Soak your hands into it for about 10-15 minutes
  • Now wash your hands off with warm water
  • Keep repeating the same thing twice a week

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