Watch Out For Signs That Indicate You Mole Is Cancerous! |

Watch Out For Signs That Indicate You Mole Is Cancerous!

Tropical countries like India are exposed to higher levels of UV radiation for most of the year and so the threat of skin cancer is very real. One of the first symptoms of skin cancer is the growth of a new mole or changes to an existing mole.

Checking on your moles on a regular basis for any kind of untoward change can be life saving when it comes to early detection of skin cancers.

The ABCDE Method of Checking Moles

When caught early, skin cancer is highly treatable and checking on your moles is one way of early detection. During your first skin check, make sure you note where your moles are located along with the size and shape of each of your moles so you can track any changes. One way to self-evaluate your moles is by remembering the acronym “ABCDE.”

A- Asymmetry

B- Border Irregularity

C- Color

D- Diameter

E- Evolution

Moles Changes: What Are The Main Indicators?

You need to pay attention to the shape, height and surface texture of your moles on a monthly basis. Moles are usually symmetrical and if you notice that a certain mole is evolving, growing or asymmetrical, it might be time to get your mole checked by a dermatologist. If anything seems unusual, make sure you get it checked by a certified dermatologist as they will be able to spot reasons for concern easier than you.

Is Your Mole Cancerous?

Non-cancerous moles usually have smooth and defined borders. So, irregular, blurred, and jagged-edged borders could be a sign that your mole could be cancerous. Sun exposure can darken the color of your mole; however drastic changes in the color could be a sign of skin cancer. Any mole that causes pain or is too tender to be touched should be considered alarming, especially if it is accompanied by any kind of fluid or blood.

While skin checks are an essential aspect of detecting and treating cancer early, you also need to protect your skin by using sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher as an important part of your daily sun protection regime. You should also avoid the mid-day sun and instead go out earlier and later in the day!

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