Things That Turns Men Off – Every Girls Need To Know |

Things That Turns Men Off – Every Girls Need To Know

Things that surprisingly could be a turn off for men.

Currently, girls are seen facing problems in terms of being unable to realise what turns men off. You might not be even realising that what parts of your daily conversation, habits and doings are actually turning into turn offs. However, it is never too late to mend your ways of dealing with men.

Guessing your thoughts and your instincts

Some women avoid communicating and expressing their feelings and thoughts. They expect men to read their minds and guess their thoughts, which is not always possible. And when they fail they receive the cold shoulder for not playing the guessing game right. Nothing is more annoying for men then a woman who will just not say what she wants but expect you to read the ‘signs’. So, play it straight and just speak up, it leaves no room for miscommunication or misunderstandings.

Superior card

Some women equate men with being dumb, everyone makes mistakes but there is no need to constantly rub it in. It only makes you a nag and can be annoying.

Too much attention

Always remember that your guy has a mother and there is no need for you to step into her shoes. While it’s okay to comfort and be there for him, don’t treat him like a child and smother to such an extent that it starts bugging him.

Sharing too much information

Men are not always comfortable talking about their problems, unlike some women who would go overboard sharing every minute detail with everyone in sight. Learn to exercise caution, and don’t overshare. Learn to keep things to yourself at times, especially something that’s shared with you in private. Learn to keep certain things to yourself and share only what is necessary. If you have just got to know the guy, there is no need to share every little detail with him.

Planning future way ahead of time

Learn to live in the moment, and while planning what to do on your birthday is okay, planning what you will do on your 50th anniversary while you are still dating will only freak the guy out. Learn to take small steps and enjoy the moment rather than fast forward with an over active imagination, leaving your partner confused and spooked.

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