How Your Video Gaming Addiction Might Be Helping You |

How Your Video Gaming Addiction Might Be Helping You

It’s not that computer gaming gets a bad rap and there have been several studies on the detrimental consequences of prolonged video game play. However, a recent study went in the opposite direction as they looked at the constructive and positive effects of video game play. People who play video games can obtain and hone certain skills and behaviours they learn while playing these games.

How Video Game Addiction Affects Your Brain

“Extended game play has a “training effect” on several areas of the brain.”

A study researchers from Seoul and Utah compared students with Internet gaming disorder (IGD) or video game addiction and adolescents without IGD. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans showed that there was an increased functional correlation between seven pairs of regions of the brain in the adolescents with IGD. These findings suggest that extended game play has a training effect, which could account for the subjects cognitive symptoms.

The Possible Benefits Of Video Games

“Kids who play video games extensively have better observational and analytical skills their peers.”

Experts have now found that the individuals with IGD have better observational skills and are more capable of making split-second decisions than their peers. The improved response speed to stimuli, the spatial and analytical skills, and the improved coordination that adolescents with IGD display are real life skills that can prove to benefit them later on in life, in their careers as well as their personal lives.

A Word Of Caution About Gaming

“In the last decade alone, there have been several deaths related to video game addiction.”

It may seem shocking that anyone can play video games until they literally drop dead, but during the last decade alone, there have been several deaths related to video game addiction. People with IGD can face difficulty focusing and concentrating on tasks and they often sacrifice real-life interactions in favor of their virtual ones.

Internet gaming is very addictive and a person with IGD will suffer similar symptoms as a recovering alcoholic when they attempt to give up their addiction. It is important to have a proper game-life balance to avoid this addiction, but still reap the benefits of playing video games. Never forget that gaming is meant to be a leisure activity!


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