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5 Different Ways Of Carrying Balloon Skirt

Ways of carrying balloon skirt- Balloon Skirt can either make you look like fashion diva or a fashion disaster, depending on the way you pull it off.

Though it’s the trend of the hour, it totally has to be your own styling that will make it look perfect on you. Well, if you don’t have any idea about the different ways of pairing it up, then we have got it covered for you.

Here are the 5 ways of carrying a balloon skirt that will make you look like a total fashionista.

With A Plain Spaghetti Top

Whether your balloon skirt is plain or printed, it will always go well with a plain spaghetti top tucked in it. Make sure that you choose contrasting colour that compliments your skirt.

A Striped Top

It’s like the most amazing way to pair your balloon skirt. Just take your stripped top that is skin fit and tuck it into your balloon skirt. Make sure you wear pumps to make it look even more adorable.

A Crop Top

Pairing your balloon skirt with a crop top is a very cute idea as it gives you a pretty doll like feeling. Also, it makes the balloon skirt even more visible.

A Bra Top

Take a floral printed bra top and pair it with your plain colourful balloon skirt. It will help you flaunt those curves as well as give you an adorable look.

A Denim Shirt

Denim shirts compliment everything you wear and it’s totally tailor made for your balloon skirt. Try it once and I bet you will not be disappointed.

These are the ways of carrying balloon skirt- Now that you know all the styles of carrying your balloon skirt, it’s time for you to pair it up in all style. Remember, being comfortable is all what matters for you to look good.


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