This Is What Hair Conditioning For 30 Days Can Do Wonders To your Hair! |

This Is What Hair Conditioning For 30 Days Can Do Wonders To your Hair!

Hair dryness is a very common problem during cold winter months. And if you have voluminous, greasy hair, then you surely would have faced the dryness issue quite often. Well, in that case, hair shampoo’s best friend ‘conditioner’can actually save you and your hair.

Shampooing hair too often or everyday, to be precise, can harm your hair and can leave you with split ends but that doesn’t mean you should avoid conditioning. Conditioner washing or co-washing can do a lot to your hair.

In short, it’s a basic way to clean your scalp and eliminate dry flakes. So, let’s check out what happens if we continue using conditioner for a month.

Before starting with the conditioner part, you need to relearn how to wash air. You have always been taught that the right way to wash your hair is using shampoo for the scalp and conditioners for the mid-lengths and ends. And I am sure every one of us has been washing hair this way only.

But the reality is natural conditioning the scalp once a month can actually make your hair soft. As suggested by Women’s Health, we are not asking to apply conditioner (natural conditioning) to your scalp every time you go for co-washing but once in a month is no big deal,right?

And I am sure you will feel fewer tangles after co-washing. Also, remember to never ever condition your roots. The correct way to hydrate your ends is to start from the ends to the mid-lengths. And so, roots should not be touched with conditioner.

The main advantage of using conditioner for a month is- Your hair dryness issue gets resolved and your hair follicles start remaining hydrated, soft and shiny.

Conditioning can get you softer hair than shampooing- Yes, co-washing or basically conditioner washing, without using a shampoo, may take a longer time to clean up your scalp and shampooing everyday.

Another point to remember before going for co-washing is:

You should apply conditioner before you shampoo. This may crazy to you but it actually helps in increasing the volume of hair. There even exists something like a “no poo movement.”

This movement focuses on the idea of cutting back on shampoo. This means that people should start shampooing less frequently and instead should go for conditioner cleansing. 

I am sure that after reading but whole, you would not want to go back to shampooing. Switch to conditioner washing rather than shampooing.

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