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Some Useful Tips To Revamp Your Old Footwear

Are you a shoe lover and would love to give them a personal touch, once in a while? we have shoes that are old an in perfect working condition, but we stop wearing them because we are bored with the same old look. Using just simple and easy tricks you can transform those old shoes into brand new ones.

Paint it

What better way to paint your boring black and brown shoes to pastel hues, giving them new life. You can use acrylic paint for this. For best results, it is advised to mix the acrylic paint with a textile paint medium to add durability to the color. However, if you can’t find the textile paint medium easily, no worries, the acrylic alone will do wonders.

Clean your old shoes of all dust, dirt and grease. Pick your favorite color and apply it evenly on the shoes. Apply the paint multiple times to add finesse to it. Let the paint dry before each quote. You can also use two colors to add more zing to your shoes. Better not to wear these shoes in rainy season because the paint may go off a bit.

Add the glittery dash

Find your old pumps to plain and boring? Here is an easy way to add some zig to them. Get hold of some powder glitter, fabric gum and spray glue (or hair spray). Take some tape and put it around the shoe area which you want to add glitter to. Usually it’s the front where this looks best. You can also do the heels. If you want you can cover it all with glitter for fancy parties.

Add a bow

Bows in shoes are an evergreen fashion be it flats, pumps or wedges. You can take some thin net like fabric, lacy fabric or velvet for this. Cut it in a rectangular shape, double in length of the size you want the actual bow to be. Then fold it from between and tie it from between. You can also add a fancy button to the middle spot of the bow where you tie it. Next use the fabric glue and apply it where you want to put it on the shoe. You can put it in front or if you want to be more chic put it on the outer side of each shoe at the ankle space. Let it dry for a few hours. Wear them and go rock your day.

Revamp with new fabric

If you want your shoes to go for a makeover, this trick can be handy for you. Take scraps of fabric, preferably cotton as it is easier to stick on the shoe. Feel free to pick your favorite color. You can apply the fabric on the front or on the sides of pumps, heels, flat ballerina shoes or open sandals.

Cut the cloth in the shape you want to apply it. Put some fabric on the area you want to stick the cloth. Let it dry well. You can add more zing to it by adding some buttons on the edges of the fabric.

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