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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation

What is Hyper-pigmentation? It is a condition in which the patches of the skin become darker as compared to the normal skincolor. It usually occurs when Melanin, a pigment that gives color to hair, eyes and skin increases.

It can occur on any pat of the body i.e. on hands,neck, cheeks, legs etc. Well, if the dark spots keep appearing on your face then it is mainly because of the increased melanin. This skin condition is very difficult to prevent bu these home remedies will slowly cure the problem.

Remedies to prevent Hyper-pigmentation

Potato + Lemon

Take a potato and cut into slices. Now remove its juice in a cup of water.Add some lemon juice into it. Mix the lemon juice and potato juice now. Once the mixture is done, apply it onto your dark pigmented skin and keep it for about 20 minutes. Later, wash it off with water.Continue doing this daily at-least twice a day.

Turmeric + Milk

Take a bowl and put 5-6 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Now add little amount of milk into it (10-12 tablespoon).Mix it together. Once it is done, apply the mixture onto the pigmented skin and keep it about 20-30 minutes. Later, rinse off with water. Continue doing this daily at least twice a day.

Guava + Banana

Take a bowl and mix the pulp of Guava and Banana together. Now apply it onto your pigmented skin and keep it for 20-25 minutes. Later, rinse it off with water. Do it at least twice daily.


Avocados contain a variety of nutrients in it and can treat all kinds of pigmentation easily. Crush the avocado and make it a thick paste. Once the paste is done, apply it like that onto the pigmented affected area. Keep it like that for about 20 minutes max. Later wash it off completely. Continue doing it twice daily until your dark skin lightens.

Aloe Vera Gel + Honey

Remove the Aloe Vera gel and put it in a bowl. Now add needed tablespoons of Honey and mix it thoroughly. Apply the prepared mixture into your skin and let it dry completely. After 15 minutes, wash your face off. Do it twice a week.

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