Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sleep Next To Your Phone ! |

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sleep Next To Your Phone !

Do you have this habit of sleeping next to your mobile phone? It is too obvious to be stated that today, most of the people are addicted to their smartphones. We have reached upto that level of addiction, that we can live without friends, but not without smartphone. But our togetherness with our smartphone shouldn’t come to us on our bed. why?

You question yourself, do you feel heavy-headed every morning? Do you know the reason behind it? The smartphone sleeping next to you is the reason why you feel lethargic and dizzied every morning. Many of you might not believe this information, but your denial will not change this fact. Some people doze off while browsing Facebook on their phone. Hence, they too sleep next to this digital cage (your smartphone!). Muscle strains, elbow pain, thumb pain, neck stiffness, etc. are some of the things that happen when you sleep next to your smartphone.

If you also sleep with your phone under your pillow, you need to break this negative cycle. Here are some reasons To Do So –

Exposure To Too Much Electromagnetic Radiation

You must already be aware that our mobile phones constantly emit high amount of electromagnetic radiations. They use the electromagnetic radiations from the telephone towards to maintain the signal strength. Our brain is very fragile, and it should be shielded from any kind of electromagnetic radiation. So, if you don’t want to fall prey to any kind of mental problem, keep yourself safe from these radiation.

Sleeping Problems

Most of the people who find difficulty falling asleep early kill their night time with their smartphone.But do you know that your phone might be responsible for your late sleeping schedule. The light emitted by your phone affects your sleep cycle badly. Instead of using your cell phone, you can fancy reading a book in your bed. Read the hard copy of books instead of the e-book.

Lethargic Mornings

Sleeping late results in inadequate sleep. The light emitted from the phone inhibits the secretion of sleep hormones, thus making us burn the midnight oil. Plus, the continuous notification beeps the break our sleep. Due to lesser sleep and incomplete rest, our brain wake up confused. This affects your productivity for entire day.

Technology was created for our own good. But overuse of anything can be lethal. we’re not asking you to abstain from your smartphone forever. Just limiting its usage at the night time will do good enough. In case, you rely on your phone for alarm, you can put your phone on airplane mode for sleeping.



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