Haraamkhor Is A Story Which Needs To Be Told: Shweta Tripathi |

Haraamkhor Is A Story Which Needs To Be Told: Shweta Tripathi

Masaan actor Shweta Tripathi never wants to be treated as a prop in a film. Her maiden feature film Masaan made critics
take note to her performance and actress Shweta Tripathi says she wants to stay away from “mindless” cinema where she is reduced to being looked upon as an object. Shweta garnered rave reviews for the 2015 Neeraj Ghaywan film where she played the upper-caste lover of Vicky Kaushal’s Dalit character.

The actor finds the cinema of Zoya Akhtar “commercial yet not insulting your intelligence”, but does not understand mindless films. “I don’t watch the kind of cinema where people say ‘leave your brain at home’ and watch. What is even that? I would never want to be treated as a prop, to be looked on as an object just because of my gender. That I am very sure about,” says Shweta.

“If I am doing something which is making a difference in the story then I’ll do it. But not because I am wearing certain clothes and doing nothing,” she added. Though the National Award-winning film “Masaan” became her first big release, Shweta had previously worked in the short film Sujata, part of “Shorts”-an anthology of five short films.

“When you are trying to do something right, tell an important story to the society without the intention of titillating, then you do ask ‘why us’? 

That moment came when the film was stuck.” The film is now scheduled to release this Friday.

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