Gul Panag Workout Routine & Diet Plan |

Gul Panag Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Gul Panag (born Gulkirat Kaur Panag, 3 January 1979 in Chandigarh, India). She is an Indian actress, voice actress, model, and former beauty queen who competed in the Miss Universe Pageant. Panag began her career in Bollywood with Dhoop(2003). Since then, she has worked in films like Jurm and TV series Kashmeer. Her notable films include Dor, Dhoop, Manorama Six Feet Under, Hello, Straight & Ab Tak Chappan 2.

In spite of being in Bollywood for more than a decade, this stunning actress still looks young and healthy and can easily compete with many contemporary Bollywood divas. In her opinion, fitness is a way of life everyone should take care of his or her fitness at all times. She feels that fitness should not be optional in life or be reserved just for special occasions like a friend’s marriage or a trip to Goa. Being fit should be a routine part of your life, just like brushing teeth twice a day. For Gul, fitness is much more important than beauty.

Gul Panag’s Workout

  • Running: For this amazing actress and model, running is the best form of exercise. It helps her get relief from daily stresses of life and stay calm. Running releases a chemical called Endorphins in the body that promote a sense of well being. Running also helps people lose excess weight and prevents various types of cancers. For Gul,running 5 days a week for 35-40 minutes, does the trick. You can choose your method of running and the time span as per your health and fitness condition.


  • Weight Training: It comprises of a simple set of exercises that can be performed with or without trainer. These exercises help a person to develop and strengthen the muscles by using the force of gravity. The beauty queen believes in doing weight training for at least 30 minutes, to maintain her fitness levels.


  • Meditation: The former Miss Universe believes in keeping her mind calm by meditating for 10 minutes on a daily basis. Meditating for a few minutes not only helps keep the mind relaxed, but it will also help in avoiding deadly diseases like high blood pressure and heart ailments. Meditation improves a person’s immunity on the whole.


  • Tennis & Swimming: Apart from indulging in the above mentioned exercises, this actress with charming dimples, also likes to swim and play tennis. Tennis helps her entertain herself and also improves her muscle coordination. Swimming on the other hand, helps her to relax.


Gul Panag’s Diet

This is for all the girls out there! If you are a fan of Gul and have always wondered how you can also look so slim and beautiful, then do follow the diet tips shared by this gorgeous actress. Here are a few health tips that can help stay healthy.

  • Start your day with some almonds and walnuts. They would help you feel energized and taste good too. Try not to over 20 almonds a day, as it may upset your stomach a bit.


  • Egg, oats, freshly prepared muesli along with one cube cheese and some salami is the best breakfast choice for this appealing lady. This breakfast will keep you energized for the whole day.


  • Gul’s lunch mostly comprises of pulses or meat, some vegetables and a handful of rice or a very small chapatti.


  • Tea or coffee and nuts are the snacking favorites of this beauty.


  • Her dinner is same as her lunch and she prefers to eat most of it even if she is going out for a night event.
  • Keep a safe distance from refined sugars, fried stuff and cereals as they are addictive, but not healthy.
  • Indulge in starchy foods such as rice, bread, pasta and potatoes only if you are exercising, so that you can flush them out easily.
  • Alcohol should be a luxury reserved for special occasions only.
  • Avoid late night events as much as you can and try to wake up early in the morning. It will make you stay away from insomnia and all other sleep related problems in the long run.

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